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Cut your utility bills in half with this power-saving device!

Do you feel your insides drop every time there’s a utility bill in your mailbox? Do the numbers seem way too excessive for the amount of power you use on a daily basis? You are probably right, and there is a device to confirm your assumptions.

There’s one thing that electricity distribution companies don’t want you to know. All the commonly issued electrical sockets have one major flaw, and it’s difficult to find out without extensive education on circuitry and power distribution. They leak electricity. Trace amounts of it, small enough to not be noticeable by an untrained eye, but over time it adds up to a hefty sum on your electrical bill. The modern power outlets lack a vital layer of insulation that reroutes these small charges back into the circuit. That’s where Voltkeeper comes in.

Voltkeeper is a device that acts as the part that is missing in common electricity sockets. It captures the small charges that would otherwise fizzle out, ending up on your utility bill, and sends them back into the circuit. There is no extensive setup or maintenance required – just plug it into the socket whenever it’s not being used and it will end up saving you hundreds each month in utility payments.

It’s easy to find out whether it’s working or not – just check the light on the device’s panel. If it’s on – the power saving has begun. As for checking the bottom line, it’s going to be in the next month’s bill. Voltkeeper typically pays for itself in about 2 months of active use, but the stark difference will be noticeable by the time of next payment. As long as you keep using the device – you are among the 97% of consumers in the know of the electricity distribution scheme, and you will be richer for it. You can also get several of these using the cumulative discount and multiply your power usage efficiency. Keep your money with Voltkeeper!


  • Application: Residential / General-Purpose
  • Overload Protection: Yes
  • Type: Electrical Plug
  • Outlets Number: 1
  • Surge Protector: Yes
  • Rated Voltage: 90-250V
  • Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Useful load: 18000W
  • Working temperature: 60-75 degrees


  • 1x Voltkeeper
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